Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visiting disney World for the First Time (Part II)

Good evening Disney Enthusiasts!

Okay, let's pick up where we left off in our discussion of how to visit Disney World for the first time and not suffer a meltdown. I am sure that after completing the previous tasks, your excitement is buiding. For the sake of time, we are not going to delve into ticket options until a later time. Let's move on.
>If you are on a limited vacation of 1 week or less, you should plan on getting to the parks early.
> If you plan to visit any of the following attractions you will definitely need to arrive at park opening to get fastpasses. Fastpasses are amazing timesavers. You just pop your ticket into the fastpass machine and it pops out another ticket with a time to come back to the attraction. Voila! Your wait time is drastically reduced. ** Make sure to get your park ticket out of the machine. Many guests forget to grab them!
-----Soarin' --EPCOT
-----Test Track --EPCOT
-----Mission Space--EPCOT
-----Toy Story Mania--Hollywood Studios*******These go quickly. Go get the fastpasses as soon as you enter the park.
-----Rockin Roller Coaster--Hollywood Studios
-----Tower of Terror--Hollywood Studios
-----Voyage of the Little Mermaid
-----Expedition Everest--Animal Kingdom
-----Safari--Animal Kingdom (This is only necessary if it is peak season)
-----Big thunder Mountain Railroad--Magic Kingdom
-----Splash Mountain--Magic Kingdom
-----Peter Pan's Flight--Magic Kingdom
-----Philharmagic--Magic Kingdom (This is only necessary if it is peak season)
-----Winnie the Pooh--Magic Kingdom
-----Space Mountain--Magic Kingdom ******These go quickly. Get them early.
-----Buzz Lightyear--Magic Kingdom (If you are going to watch parade)

Whew! That is quite a list. Believe us, fastpasses are amazing. That is a list of 16 attractions for which you will have minimum wait times. This frees you up to visit other attractions until your alloted time. "Thank you!", to the imagineers who thought of those little beauties.

>For longer stays only go early if you want to experience the high-demand attractions.
>For first-time guests we recommend watching the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. As of right now there is a special show at Magic Kingdom until August 14, 2010. Wishes!, the show that we HIGHLY advise watching, will be coming back after that. This show represents all that is Disney. It is a must do.
------EPCOT has a nightime fireworks show - Illuminations, Reflections of Earth
------Hollywood Studios runs their nighttime extraveganza several nights a week. - Fantasmic! - If you want to see this show, make sure to be in your seats 45 minutes to an hour ahead of showtime. This is incredible!
>After you have seen the nightly shows and fireworks once, you will find that it is a great time to ride the rides. Attractions wait times drop drastically.

There is one basic rule that will keep you and your family members from having a meltdown - BE FLEXIBLE. Yes, you have your list of who and what you want to see. However, Disney is very distracting. This is especially true for children. They may see something that catches their eye and suddenly want to forgo your plans. That is ok. In fact, that is what Disney is about. Just relax. Follow their lead and go back to your plan afterward. It is not going to ruin anything.

Again, we do NOT want to overwhelm you. We will cover more tomorrow. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them. We would love to hear from you!!

To be continued...

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