Saturday, August 7, 2010

Visiting Disney World for the First Time

Good Evening Disney Enthusiasts!

As veteran Disney World goers, we see a lot of unhappy people when we are at "the world". Screaming, crying, hitting, whining, and that's just the adults. Think about the poor children - tired, hungry, hot, just miserable in general. All these families wanted was a great getaway at the most magical place on earth. Your family doesn't have to be one of the statistics. Yes, we do keep track of the meltdowns we witness.
The ideal family vacation is not a pipe dream. With just a few simple suggestions from a family who considers Walt Disney World their second home, your dream vacation will be a reality. Grab a pen and paper, or better yet, save yourself the writing and join our blog. Now, let's get started.
>Order the free Vaction Planning dvd (available on WDW website).
>Have a plan. Look at park maps (available on the WDW website) know your must-dos. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do everything. Pick your top 5 and we will work from there.
>Decide which characters you must meet and which ones are ok to miss.
>If you are planning on dining at any table service restaurants make sure that your reservations are made well in advance.
>Talk to friends and family. Find out what they liked and didn't like.
>Ask us questions!!!!!!!!!Post them on our Questions page. We WILL answer.
>If the trip is not a surprise, include the kids in the planning process. It helps build the excitement.
>Decide your best ticket option. If you are a Florida Resident do NOT forget that we get great discounts! Click on the Florida Resident option on the WDW site if you are purchasing your tickets in advance.

This is probably enough information to get you started. Tomorrow we will cover a little more. Planning a Disney Vacation for the first time can be overwhelming. We want it to be fun!!!!

To be continued...

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