Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disney with a Toddler

Good evening Disney Enthusiasts!

Lately, we have had several people with young children ask us if their little ones were too young to visit Walt Disney World. The truth is, there is no easy answer. All children react differently. Most of the time when kids melt down in the parks, it is actually caused by things that could easily have been prevented. The child may be tired from walking, hungry, hot, or just overstimulated. A stroller (we recommend renting one if child is 2 and up), a bag of snacks, and an occasional break will help eliminate a lot crying (kids and parents). If your little one is on a very rigorous schedule that requires a nap in a darkened room at a specific time, then you might want to consider waiting until the child is a little older. Getting to and from your resort is not always the quick trek that you hope for with a whiny toddler. Especially, if you are staying off property. The same goes for potty training. We would definitely schedule a Disney vacation for a later time if you are in the middle of potty training your child. Although restrooms abound at WDW, leaving an attraction and getting to one in time may not always be possible. If your child is not yet potty trained,or past that stage, and deals well with schedule changes, then go for it! There is nothing like seeing your child's eyes light up with the wonder of Disney.
If you have any questions about taking your child to Disney, please feel free to post them on the Questions and Answers page under comment. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

****We suggest renting a stroller if the child is over two because Disney strollers are made from hard molded plastic. These strollers are not practical if your child is of the age that they will constantly be climbing in and out while you are trying to maneuver through crowds. We also suggest bringing a small blanket and towel. The blanket can double as a pillow or extra shade for a nap. The towel is great for drying the stroller after one of Florida's summer afternoon rain showers.

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