Thursday, August 5, 2010

Disney Expansion

After discovering that the name of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority had been changed today (more info. available on our News page), a feeling of Disney nostalgia has settled in. Over the years changes at WDW have taken place, some for the better, some not. It really makes you question what Walt would have thought of the Disney World we have today. Would he be happy with the progress? Was his dream truly realized and this is the Disney that Walt had envisioned?
People always question change. It's only natural. With all of the "progress" taking place in Fantasyland it makes us question whether we will be losing some of Walt's dream in the process. Don't misunderstand, we are excited about the Fantasyland expansion. Though, we wonder if all of the changes that will be taking place in the future will take the place of Disney's amazing past. Will things that Walt Disney himself took part in creating be forgotten? We could lose sight of things like Pirates of the Carribbean and Carousel of Progress. These attractions are links to Disney's amazing history. Hopefully, Imagineers and CEOs will realize that Walt Disney World is the astounding place that it is today thanks to one man's vision and insight - one man's imagination. With any luck, any changes made in the future will not overshadow Disney's glorious past. Moving forward is important, if you don't forget where you started. We should all remember that, "It all started with a mouse". - Walt Disney

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