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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney Parades, Fireworks, and Shows. Oh my!

Good evening Disney Enthusiasts!

We apologize for not posting yesterday. Today was our first day back to work and the kiddos' first day back to school. Therefore, yesterday was a little hectic. Now that we're back in the groove of school, let's focus on what we are here to do - talk Disney.

Today we would like to talk to you about the various parades, fireworks displays, and shows on property. Each park offers their own variety of spectacular entertainment, other than the rides. We will take a look at all of them, one park at a time.
Let's begin with Disney's Animal Kingdom. Due to the fact that AK (Animal Kingdom) houses all of those amazing animals, fireworks are not possible at this park. However, there is a fun parade and incredible shows in Disney's very own jungle.
>Finding Nemo - The Musical - The theater that houses this magnificant show is located betwen DinoLand USA and Expedition Everest. This is a stage show that will wow and amaze little ones and adults alike. The setting is , where else? Under the sea! The entire theater is bathed in blue, allowing you to be completely ensconced in Nemo's world. During the show you join Nemo and the gang on an adventure. The puppetry in this stage spectacular is outstanding. During pre-show, make sure the kids try to find Nemo in the bubbles around the stage. This show is a must-do for the entire family and there are scheduled showtimes throughout the day.
>It's Tough To Be A Bug - This is a show that will tickle your senses. Take your family underground into the world of bugs. The hilariously fun show is a 3-D adventure with bugs of all varieties, including those that smell (and not good). Laugh along with this comedic cast of insects as they fly, creep, and crawl their way into your heart. *Note* If little ones are scared of the dark, this may not be a good choice.
>The Festival of the Lion King - *Disclaimer* This is my favorite show, but I will try not to be biased in my description. However, everyone that sees this show completely agrees with me.**This theater is located in Camp Minnie Mickey. It runs at set times throughout the day. The show takes place on a stage in the round. Simba and his friends provide a show of true African pagentry. The costumes are stunning. There are four floats holding large animal puppets that flank the stage area. This show boasts a fantastic fire dancer and amazing acrobatics. Timon, that loveable meercat, provides the comic relief. However, the one thing that shines far and above is the music. The music will give you chills. This show is, in our honest opinion, the best on property. In fact, this show rivals anything on Broadway! This is definitely a must-do.
>Flights of Wonder - This show is located near Asia. It is a show that features some of the most amazing birds one will ever see. The basis of Flights of Wonder is an educational comedy skit. A wide variety of birds are introduced to guests. The American Bald Eagle is the highlight of the show. When this magnificent creature gracefully swoops of the audience, there is an overwhelming sense of awe. This show is great!
>Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade - This parade is fantastic. With Mickey and the gang headlining this procession, you wouldn't expect anything less! This artful display of African inspired portable puppetry is fabulous to photograph. With Mickey and friends decked in outdoor gear, the brilliant colors, and an upbeat soundtrack, this parade is a must-do!

In our next post we will cover the parades, fireworks and shows of Hollywood Studios.

Have a magical evening!!!

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